The Game Where Willis Reed Became A Legend: Game 7 Of The 1970 NBA Finals

Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals is one for the ages. Willis Reed, who was playing in his first and only game that season because of injury placed himself at center court with a broken leg to receive a standing ovation from his teammates before collapsing on the floor after winning Game 6.

The “willis reed game 7” is a basketball game that took place on June 12, 1970. The game was the seventh and final game of the 1970 NBA Finals, in which the New York Knicks played against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Madison Square Garden is regarded as the basketball mecca. Despite this, the Knicks have only won two championships since their inception in 1946.

In 1951, 1952, 1953, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1994, and 1999, the Knicks reached the NBA Finals eight times. They were victorious in 1970 and 1973.

The NBA Finals in 1970

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the New York Knicks in The NBA Finals in 1970. The Knicks had four Hall of Fame players on their roster during that edition of the big series and a player who’d become an eventual Hall of Fame coach in Phil Jackson.

The following players have been inducted into the New York Knicks Hall of Fame:

Walt Frazier (Walt Frazier)

Dave DeBusschere (Dave DeBusschere)

— Bradley, Bill

Willis Reed’s remark

The Lakers had three Hall of Fame players on their team during The NBA Finals in 1970.

The following players have been inducted into the Lakers Hall of Fame:

Jerry West (Jerry West)

—Baylor, Elgin

Wilt Chamberlain (Wilt Chamberlain)

The first four games of the series were divided, and the Knicks suffered a heartbreak in Game 5 in New York.

Willis Reed, the Knicks’ finest player, tore his thigh muscle early in Game 5, causing alarm among Knicks supporters.

Fortunately for Knicks supporters, the team recovered to upset the Lakers by a score of 107-100, taking a 3-2 series lead.

Reed was ruled out of Game 6, and if the series proceeded to a seventh game, he was rated “unlikely to participate.”

With a 135-113 win in Game 6, the Lakers successfully defended their home floor, and the series switched back to New York for Game 7.

Game 7 Is One For The Ages

Knicks supporters were gnawing their nails as the players prepared for Game 7, unsure whether their squad would be able to upset the very skilled Lakers.

Then, when he went out onto the floor for warm-ups, Reed shocked the crowd.

At Reed’s appearance, Knicks fans exploded in applause. His bravery in continuing to play despite his injuries impressed both colleagues and spectators.

“I didn’t want to look in the mirror 20 years from now and think I wished I had attempted to play,” Reed said of Game 7.

Reed scored the opening two points for the Knicks to get the game underway. Although these would be his last baskets of the game, his effect would not be diminished.

Reed was outstanding on defense against Wilt Chamberlain, restricting him to just 2-9 shooting before exiting the game with 3:05 left in the first half.

The Knicks were in complete control of the Lakers at halftime, leading 69-42. Reed was a tremendous inspiration to the Knicks’ players, notably Walt Frazier.

“Something told me we could have these people when I saw it,” Frazier said of Reed’s effort to play.

Frazier had a man-possessed performance, scoring 36 points and dishing out 19 assists. By a score of 113-99, the Knicks won the game.

Despite Frazier’s outstanding play, Reed was named Finals MVP. This was understandable, given that Reed’s remarkable return helped his club win their first title in franchise history.


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