Trove’s Turkeytopia, Friendsgiving, and the Polished Paragon patch are live today

This week has been a great one for all of us here at Trove. As many players know, the Thanksgiving holiday often gives families and friends an excuse to get together over turkey dinners—but what about the monsters who have no family or friends? Each year we hold our “Turkeytopia” event, where everyone is welcome! This year marks a special occasion as Turkeyopia celebrates its 4th anniversary.

It’s that time of year again – the day when friends, family, and food are all welcome. Let us help you celebrate this memorable holiday by giving you some great Trove content to enjoy with your loved ones! We have a huge Turkeytopia update for everyone who has been waiting; we also have Friendsgiving goodies featuring new games like The Polished Paragon (a 3D game about fashion design) and more.

The “growtopia paw event 2021” is a Thanksgiving-themed update that includes the addition of a new map, Turkeytopia. The update also features Friendsgiving and the Polished Paragon patch.

In MMORPGs, we don’t see a lot of Thanksgiving-themed events, but Trove is one of our favorites. This year, Gamigo is going all out with a Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving event that includes new cosmetic items, a whole questline, invasions, new monsters, a new ship, new mounts, new wings, new minipets, and much more. In addition, the company is introducing its Polished Paragon system, which is focused squarely at endgame characters.

“Effective now, all experience points (XP) gained on Level 30 classes will count toward Paragon levels for that class. While it may take a little more work to fill the XP meter for those Paragon levels than previously, the benefits will be well worth it. Loops (Trovian or Primal) are earned by Trovians and may be used to make Signatory Rings. Those are Crystal Level rings, to be sure! These, like all other Crystal gear, vary in level from 1 to 4, but unlike everything else, they may be personalized for any class. The Polished Paragon system on Trove offers more than just crystal rings. A Primal Paragon Piata may appear nearby and in the player’s inventory as a result of their efforts. These piatas may contain everything from ore, flux, Trovian loops, and Paragon’s Marks, which can be utilized to create brand-new things at the Paragon Workbench in the Paragon’s Palace.”

So there you have it. Both the PC and console versions of Turkeytopia and the Polished Paragon patch are now available.


Today, the “fgo thanksgiving 2021” is live. This event has a lot of new features for players to enjoy. The “Trove’s Turkeytopia, Friendsgiving, and the Polished Paragon patch are live today.”

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