Ukraine, a country split in two by a bloody civil war is still fighting for its future. The economy has been devastated but there are many new opportunities emerging from Ukrainian innovation and the upcoming elections.

Ukraine is a country that has been in the news recently. The “ukraine live” will give you an update on what is happening in Ukraine.

Angelina Matvevea, 25, is one of the tens of thousands of Ukrainians who have abandoned their relationships. (Photo courtesy of Angelina Matvevea)

A Ukrainian lady who tore herself away from her ‘love of her life’ to rescue their one-year-old from Russian bombings has found refuge in Poland, but claims she has ‘left her heart behind.’

When Vladimir Putin started his attack, Angelina Matvevea, 25, spent two weeks hiding in a wet cellar with her husband Andrew, 36, and daughter Olivia.

When Russians invaded the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant, stoking concerns of a second Chernobyl, she knew she had to go.

The mother is one of many migrants who have had to leave their spouses behind since most males between the ages of 18 and 60 are prohibited from leaving the country.

Angelina remarked, “I didn’t want to do it until the precise time we said goodbye.” ‘How are you going to be able to separate yourself from your loved one? It was a painful experience. We did it for the sake of our kids.’

Angelina was provided sanctuary by a Polish mother of one whose 6-year-old son gave up his bedroom to welcome them in after a harrowing trek over the border.

However, she and millions of others are now forced to watch as Russian military bomb ‘children, houses, and hospitals’ from afar, with no end in sight five weeks in.

Angelina, a former store clerk, and Andrew, an IT engineer, met on social media seven years ago and fell in love.

Ukrainian woman separated from love of life

For the sake of their daughter Olivia, Angelina left Andrew. (Photo courtesy of Angelina Matvevea)

Ukrainian woman separated from love of life

Seven years ago, the pair fell in love (Picture: Angelina Matvevea)

Nurse Svetlana Savchenko, 56, stands next to the building, destroyed during Ukraine-Russia conflict, where her apartment was located in the besieged southern port city of Mariupol, Ukraine March 30, 2022. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

In Mariupol, a nurse stands close to her former apartment complex (Picture: Reuters)

They dated long distance for a year while she was studying in Kharkiv, but shortly after they moved in together, and Andrew proposed to Angelina in a beautiful proposal by the sea.

The young family enjoyed a ‘normal’ life together after welcoming Olivia in 2020 until they awoke on February 24 to the words ‘Russia assaulted us.’ We’re in the midst of a conflict.’

Angelina remarked, “It was an awful sensation.” ‘How will your life be now?’ We stood there watching as our neighbors loaded their children and animals into their vehicles and drove away.

‘We wanted to travel someplace, but we had no idea where or for how long.’ We were still hopeful that things would settle.’

When they were informed that a massive assault on their home city of Kyiv was approaching, it suddenly struck the couple how far Putin was ready to go.

For the following 12 nights, they slept in the basement of their apartment with 40 strangers, listening to explosions above.

‘Angelina Jolie said: ‘ We were terrified that we wouldn’t wake up or that we’d be stuck under the debris.

‘However, it was made a little simpler by the presence of others.’ We weren’t on our own. We had food, but we had to start storing portions as the days went on.’

People fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine gather at the train station in Lviv, Ukraine, March 9, 2022. REUTERS/Pavlo Palamarchuk

Those fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine congregate at Lviv’s railway station (Picture: Reuters)

Ukrainian woman separated from love of life

Angelina’s mother Natalia, 44, aunt Julia, 41, and daughter Lisa, 13, escaped with her mother and daughter. (Photo courtesy of Angelina Matvevea)

Angelina took the difficult choice to leave her husband and county behind after 12 nights in hiding.

Andrew remained to join Ukraine’s Territorial Defense but was unable to do so due to a lack of space, so he started working as a driver for refugees and medical personnel.

‘I went with Olivia and our dog, as well as my mother, aunt, and sister. Angelina said, “We left everything behind — our house, our careers, our spouses.”

’ The train station was packed, and I was praying to God that we would be able to board since we didn’t have the energy to drive back home.

‘We were advised to turn off phones and all sources of light while we were on.’ We had to move in complete darkness.’

‘When we arrived to the border, I let out a huge sigh of relief. But I was terrified. ‘ “How will I live here?” I wondered. I’m a single parent with a kid. Who is going to take me in? I can’t afford to pay my rent since I don’t have enough money.”

Angelina, her mother Natalia, 44, and Olivia were given a roof over their heads by Warsaw resident Ewa, 35, who now refers to the three as “like family.”

‘Angie was exhausted on the first night. It was quite moving. When she opened the fridge and discovered there was food, she burst into tears,’ Ewa said.

‘It was difficult for my kid. He didn’t want to engage with them for the first three days.

Ukrainian woman separated from love of life

Angelina, Natalia, and Olivia were taken in by Ewa, 35, who treated them like family. (Photo courtesy of Angelina Matvevea)

Ukrainian woman separated from love of life

Olivia and Anthony, both six years old, are now ‘like brother and sister.’ (Photo courtesy of Angelina Matvevea)

‘He was envious of the attention we were lavishing on Olivia at first, but within a week, they hit it off and he was spending every day with her.’ 

‘He treats her nearly like a sister, despite his refusal to accept it.’ “Why isn’t this a boy?” he keeps asking.

Following a successful GoFundMe campaign to earn funds for their own apartment and an offer of extremely affordable rent from a local lady, the family has now moved out of Ewa’s flat and into their own.

Surprisingly, Angelina’s aunt Julia, 41, and her daughter Lisa, 13, can also fit into the spacious flat.

They have gained ‘confidence in their future’ as a result of Poland’s kind reception, but their ‘hearts remain in Ukraine.’

‘It’s really terrible to see the conflict from afar,’ Angelina remarked. The country has shown how powerful and unified we can be. Our Army is a source of pride for us, and we are thankful.

‘We talk to Andrew every morning, but we miss him terribly.’ I kept a piece of myself with him. We’ve never been apart for so long in our lives. 

‘However, I feel it will soon come to an end, and we will see each other.’ We trust the truth will triumph. We shall triumph.

‘When that occurs, how much will we respect our future?’

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