Viber Not Opening in Windows 10/11? Use These 5 Fixes

Some users are reporting that Viber is not opening in Windows 10/11. If you own an updated version of the Microsoft operating system, here’s how to fix this issue:
1) Reinstall Viber and ensure it installs before your other software; 2) Delete any files or registry entries created by the old installation; 3) Uninstall any anti-virus programs currently running on your computer (to do so, open Control Panel > Programs & Features); 4) Use System Restore to go back to a working previous restore point if needed.

The “viber won’t open windows 10” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 5 fixes to fix the issue.


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5 May 2022 (last updated)

Originally published: September 2019

  • If Viber won’t open on your Windows computer, you may use the built-in troubleshooter.
  • One approach to address this issue is to use administrator rights or to reset the app.
  • Check to see if your antivirus or firewall software is interfering with the program.



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Viber is a popular instant messaging program that is accessible on a variety of platforms, however many users have claimed that it would not launch on Windows 10 or 11.

However, when a This app can’t open issue occurs, some users are unable to access the Viber app. This is a rather common mistake in UWP applications.

Many other cross-platform chat applications have similar challenges, but happily, there is a solution, and we’ll teach you how to achieve it in today’s lesson.

Why won’t Viber launch on my computer?

There are many reasons for this problem, but the most common one is a software error. A lack of specific rights may prohibit you from utilizing the program in certain cases.

If Viber continues crashing when you attempt to open it, your cache may be corrupted, and you’ll need to restart the program.

Your firewall and antivirus software may also prevent the program from connecting to the Internet.

How can I get Viber to launch again on Windows 10/11?

1. Launch the Troubleshooter for Windows Store Apps.

  1. Press the Windows key + S together.
  2. Click Troubleshoot settings after typing troubleshoot into the search box. 5-best-Windows-PC-troubleshooting-tools-2022-Guide
  3. To see more troubleshooters, go to View other troubleshooters. 1649406863_571_Ethernet-doesnt-have-a-valid-IP-configuration-Windows-10
  4. Choose the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter from the drop-down menu. To run the troubleshooter, press the Run button. Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  5. The troubleshooter will launch, and it may discover and resolve certain app problems that are preventing Viber from launching.

2. Log in to Viber as an administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Start menu. 1651742775_726_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  2. Look for the Viber application.
  3. Choose Run as administrator from the context menu. 1651742775_52_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes

Restart Viber.

  1. Press Windows key + X and select Apps & Features. 1639050513_751_How-to-fix-corrupted-Kaspersky-databases
  2. Select Viber from the drop-down menu and choose Advanced settings. 1651742776_581_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  3. To double-check, press the Reset button one again. 1651742777_472_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes

3. Clear the cache in the Microsoft Store

  1. Press the Windows key + R together.
  2. Type wsreset into the command prompt. 1651742777_566_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  3. Enter the code.
  4. To clear the MS Store cache, a Command Prompt window will appear.
  5. After that, restart Windows.

Learn more about this subject.

4. Edit the hosts file

  1. Type notepad by pressing Windows key + S. To start Notepad, right-click it and choose Run as administrator. 1651742778_595_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  2. Select File, then Open. 1651742778_684_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  3. After that, go to the following directory: C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc
  4. Select hosts and change Text Documents to All files. 1651742779_666_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  5. Then, at the end of the hosts file, add 1651742779_143_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  6. Save your work.

5. Disable the Windows Defender Firewall.

  1. Type firewall in the Windows key + S combo box. Select the Windows Defender Firewall option. 1651742780_123_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  2. Turn on or off Windows Defender Firewall. 1651742781_944_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes
  3. Click OK after selecting Turn off Windows Defender Firewall for both kinds of connections. 1651742781_900_Viber-Not-Opening-in-Windows-1011-Use-These-5-Fixes

Check to see if the issue persists. If the problem has vanished, it implies your firewall was blocking the program; re-enable it and update your settings appropriately.

Additionally, disable any third-party antivirus software that may incorporate firewalls. Select a deactivate or turn off option from the context menu of an antivirus utility’s system tray icon by right-clicking it.

Alternatively, enter the software’s main window and use the options menu or tab to pick a turn-off or disable option.

Windows-10-Activation-error-0xc0020036 NOTE

Your PC will be at danger if you disable your firewall, so make sure you reactivate it after using this approach.

What can I do if Viber won’t launch on Windows 11?

Despite the fact that the methods described above are for Windows 10, they should all work on the most recent version.

Because the two operating systems are so similar in terms of software, the solutions in this guide can be applied to either.

It’s worth noting that this problem isn’t limited to Windows platforms; many people have reported that Viber won’t open on their Macs as well.

Viber might be restarted with the aforementioned solutions. Some of those fixes may also work for other UWP applications that aren’t starting.

If the problem persists, we recommend reading our tutorial on how to correctly solve can’t launch Universal applications on Windows.

What method did you use to resolve this issue? Please share your thoughts in the space below.

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The “viber keeps crashing” is a problem that many people are experiencing. Viber has released 5 fixes to fix the issue.

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