Warriors Steve Kerr Calls Out Lawmakers over Gun Violence

Steve Kerr’s comments come in the wake of a string of deadly shootings at schools and places of worship. Golden State Warriors star forward Kevin Durant has also taken to social media to criticize lawmakers for “staring” into the camera instead of taking action on gun reform.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr called out lawmakers on Monday, saying they should be more focused on gun control and less concerned with the National Anthem. Read more in detail here: steve kerr.

During a game against the New Orleans Pelicans, Steve Kerr argues a call. Getty/Sean Gardner

The Golden State Warriors have been concentrating recently. With just a few games remaining until the regular season finishes, the squad has begun to pick up its pace in the hopes of entering the playoffs with some momentum.

The Dubs traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge to meet the Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center after a comeback victory against the Utah Jazz on April 2.

However, on April 3, 2022, just hours after the win against the Jazz, a barrage of gunfire erupted just blocks from the arena in downtown Sacramento as people were leaving nightclubs around 2 a.m. Six people were murdered and at least 12 others were wounded in what is believed to be Sacramento’s worst mass shooting.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, 120 mass shootings have occurred in the first three months of current calendar year.

Head coach Steve Kerr expressed his sympathy to the victims of the horrific occurrence during his pregame news conference with media on April 3. He then launched into a four-minute soliloquy, asking aloud why lawmakers have failed to address the issue.

“At some point, I’d like to believe that instead of playing politics, we’d truly think about our fellow citizens and do something about it.”

Driving an automobile is subject to more rules than carrying a firearm.”

Kerr Becomes Emotional As He Requests Common Sense from Politicians

Kerr spent the whole pregame news conference with the reporters discussing the matter. Because of the proximity of the game to the shootings, Kerr felt it was improper to discuss basketball until after the game.

“Before the game, there will be a minute of quiet.” “Having a minute of quiet is the correct thing to do,” Kerr adds. “But, to be honest, it’ll be the ninth or tenth minute of silence I’ve experienced as the Warriors’ coach when we remember those who have perished in horrific shootings.”

“I don’t believe that minutes of quiet will help. Our government must decide at some time whether or not to enact common-sense gun controls. It won’t address all of the problems, but it will save lives.”

Kerr is no new to pleading with legislators to take action in the face of gun carnage. In March 2021, ten people were murdered in Colorado, while eight people were killed in Atlanta spa shootings. With the names of the victims behind him, Kerr expressed his sorrow for the victims’ deaths and lamented Congress’ inactivity.

Kerr is basically reiterating the same views almost a year later. He was more straightforward this time, asking whether the administration was even concerned.

On April 3, Kerr adds, “You think about all of the common-sense legislation we could, and should, put in place if we had any guts, if our government had any guts, if individuals placed others ahead of their own career trajectories, reelection campaigns, and propaganda to influence people.” “It’s there in front of our eyes.”

Steve Kerr’s Father Was Murdered by a Gun

Kerr’s father Malcolm Kerr, the president of American University in Beirut at the time, was slain on campus by gunmen while he was a freshman at Arizona in 1984.

Kerr has been a strong supporter of legislation aimed at reducing gun violence as much as possible since then. Kerr has been increasingly outspoken in asking for change as the number of mass shootings has grown over time.

“It’s awful,” Kerr adds, “and again, I’m so, so sad for the victims and their families.” “Because my family has been through it, we understand how awful it is.” Everything in life is changing. For all of the victims and their families, everything changes here.

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