While Dallas Cowboys had No. 1 offense, coordinator Kellen Moore’s fixated on what didn’t work

The Dallas Cowboys have been on a roll with the offense and had a No. 1 ranking in points per game halfway through the season, but coach Kellen Moore has paid more attention to what he doesn’t like than what has worked well. What’s going wrong?

The “kellen moore” is a coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. He was in charge of the team’s offense, which had an average ranking of No. 1 in the NFL. However, he fixated on what didn’t work and did not focus on what did.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIA — The Dallas Cowboys’ season ended six weeks ago, but the way it ended is still vivid in the minds of fans.

As the time ticks down, Dak Prescott scrambles for 17 yards. The players rush to get into position for the quarterback to spike the ball for the game’s last play. The umpire takes a long time to place the ball. The timer has run out. In the wild-card round, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 23-17.

Coach Mike McCarthy had already addressed a slew of questions regarding the play’s why and how, but offensive coordinator Kellen Moore had not. Until this week’s NFL scouting combine, that is.

“We were in Hail Mary range,” says the narrator. We’d been utilizing the sideline, and we felt like they’d called a timeout at that point, so we just sort of hashed it out,” Moore recalled during a 30-minute interview with ESPN. “We said, ‘Hey, we have a chance to get in bounds, and if we can get the ball inside the 30, it changes everything for us.’ Instead of a Hail Mary, we may do an actual play.

“We felt that if we got the yards, we’d be in good shape.” That’s how we taught it. In the NFL, I believe we had three instances of that circumstance. Obviously, having the ball touched [by an official] is a factor. I suppose they name it ‘Blessed.’ From that aspect, the procedure did not proceed as planned. We’ll have to either take it into account or maybe notify them to the kind of play we do so the operation can go more smoothly.”


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“I believe it would be simple to repair if it was just one item,” Moore remarked. “It’s only a few little details.” We’ll take a look at it from the position of a strategy. We’ll look at it from a technical, fundamental, and people basis, and we’ll be facing different teams with various structures [in 2022]. Every game, every experience you learn from, there will always be something to take away. In penalties, we were 32nd. Penalties have cost us hundreds of yards. That is something we must address.”

McCarthy said that in 2022, he would be more active with the offensive. McCarthy did not want to crowd Moore or micromanage in his first year. Last season, he wanted to make sure the defense was ready for the alterations made by new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

McCarthy said, “You have to be where you need to be.” “I know that’s how I’ve progressed from Year 1 to Year 2 and now into Year 3.” So, absolutely, you go back and take a look at what we’re doing on offense. Year one’s objective is to maintain as much of the language and core ideas with Dak as possible, but more importantly, to have a philosophy, a framework that I’ve clearly been used to through almost 30 years here… But I can say this: that’s where I’m going to be going ahead.”

McCarthy’s work has been underappreciated, according to Executive Vice President Stephen Jones. Moore said that he and McCarthy contact often throughout the week in order to be prepared for problems that may come during games.

Moore said, “He’s a component of the attack.” “You have a lot of additional responsibilities as a head coach….” It becomes crazy for him throughout the season, but he’ll come in with the offense and we’ll go over stuff. These are fantastic chances for us to calm down throughout the offseason, particularly in the final few weeks. There aren’t many distractions. You may resume your football career.”

Moore was said to not be returning to the Cowboys in 2022. He was a finalist for the Miami Dolphins job after interviewing for a number of head coaching positions.

Although he is disappointed that he did not obtain the job, he does have a backup plan.

“I adore Dallas on a personal basis,” Moore added. “I’ll be here for my ninth year as a player and coach.” It’s a unique location. It’s most likely not a regular work, as several individuals in this level do. This isn’t like the others…. If the chance arises, that’s fantastic; I believe everything is in order, and we’re ready to go; let’s go. “However, I adore Dallas.”

He rejoins an offense that includes Prescott, Elliott, Lamb, Zack Martin, Tyron Smith, and Tony Pollard, but the fates of Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and Schultz remain uncertain.

“He hasn’t had a complete offseason since 2019,” Moore says of Prescott. It excites me tremendously. Operate like a regular man throughout the summer and OTAs.”

“I believe Zeke is still a major factor,” says Elliott.

“I adore Lamb,” she says. He’s unique.”

“I enjoy providing him chances,” Pollard says, “and I believe you’re constantly searching for ways to provide him additional possibilities.”

Moore is aware of the negative press surrounding his work, but having grown up as a coach’s son, played at a high level, and now coaches for the Cowboys, he has learned to tune it out. The season of 2021 has come to an end; 2022 marks the start of a new one.

Moore said, “You can’t ride the roller coaster.” “You’re going to become ill and dizzy if you ride the roller coaster.” That’s the way it works.”

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