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During National Bite Prevention Week, April 10-16, raise awareness.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — Woods Humane Society has produced a series of suggestions to assist potential dog adopters and the general public minimize dog attack hazards during National Bite Prevention Week, which runs from April 10-16. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 4.5 million people are attacked by dogs each year, with children being the most prevalent victims (AVMA.org).

Woods Humane Society CEO Neil Trent adds, “Our team takes great care to handle our dogs carefully and to educate potential adopters on safe handling.” “However, bites do occur after a dog has been adopted on rare instances. Frequently, these incidents are unintentionally caused by seemingly innocent human activities that really provoke a fear reaction in many dogs.”

The Woods Dog Behavioral Training team recently released a series of short films and 5 Tips for Safe Dog-Handling with the SLO County community to assist them avoid these avoidable dangers and engage safely with newly acquired dogs.

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Keep the Leash Tied

Grabbing a dog by the collar might be deadly, according to a little-known truth among new adopters. Dogs may be sensitive to being handled or grasped at the neck, according to Woods Behavioral Training Coordinator Eric Stockam, so when humans reach out to halt an unpleasant canine behavior, they may be placing their hand in danger. While a result, he advises keeping the dog on a leash even inside the home as you work on issues like barking, jumping on furniture, and getting into the garbage or litter box. Without grasping the dogs by the collar, dog owners may simply and safely discipline their dogs and gently guide them away from diversions and trouble with this approach. 

Collar-Touching Cookies

Behavioral Training Manager Michelle Rizzi explains that as new owners get to know their new dogs, they may start working on desensitizing them to collar grabs and neck sensitivity. She shows this by giving the dog a biscuit or other high-reward dog treat while gently and lightly caressing the dog’s neck or collar. The dog will learn to link collar-touching with good interactions over time and with practice, allowing an owner to securely grab hold of the collar when required rather than keeping the dog leashed at all times.

Allow liars to be liars.

Stockam advises against approaching dogs that are new to the family or are wholly unfamiliar to you while they are laying down, sleeping, or even flipped over on their backs. While the dog may be displaying its tummy in order to obtain a belly massage, he says that this stance is also a sign of submission, meaning the dog is attempting to communicate that it does not want to engage in a conflict with you. To be sure, he recommends calling the dog over to you and waiting for it to rise up and walk over to you on its own time. 

A Word to the Wise Regarding Head Pats

Even if we intend well and are merely attempting to pat them, dogs dislike being shocked. Rizzi advises keeping in mind what the dogs can and can’t see to prevent frightening them. Petting dogs on the tops of their heads restricts their vision, which may be irritating or even dangerous to certain dogs. Allow your dog to smell your hand before petting beneath the chin to be secure and attentive to your dog’s emotions. Also, avoid approaching a dog from behind and reaching out to pat it (which might startle the dog), as well as caressing or tugging on the dog’s tail.

Hugs and kisses are reserved for humans only.

Although many people consider their pets to be family members, Rizzi points out that dogs and cats do not express affection in the same way that humans do. Hugs, which are meant to be a symbol of affection and care between humans, may seem like constraints to dogs, resulting in attacks that might have been avoided. Kisses, which require placing your face extremely near to a dog’s jaws and teeth, are similarly unpleasant and possibly dangerous for the dog, and hence imprudent and dangerous for the human. To show a dog that you care, Rizzi advises utilizing treats, verbal praise, and soft pets beneath the chin. 

The group is also promoting a free coloring book prepared by the California Department of Public Health, which can be downloaded on the Woods website. The pamphlet contains information on dog safety, body language, and other topics to assist youngsters in understanding how to be safe with dogs.

Woods suggests contacting its training department directly for further information on safe handling and dog bite prevention. Contact the Humane Education department for educational programs for students and families to learn about animal handling and safety. 

Visit WoodsHumane.org or contact (805) 543-9316 for additional information. Woods Humane Society has locations in San Luis Obispo at 875 Oklahoma Ave. and Atascadero at 2300 Ramona Rd.

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The “wood animal shelter” is a place where all dogs are welcome. The shelter provides food, water and shelter for homeless animals.

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