‘You Always Want to Compete Against the Best’

The importance of competing against the best, in sports and business alike.

Competition with yourself is something that you always want to do. You can compete against yourself by setting goals, or competing against other people.

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  • Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback in the National Football League. of the Kansas City Chiefs is sad that he won’t be facing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Week 9.
  • After testing positive for COVID-19, Rodgers, a three-time NFL MVP, will miss the game.
  • Mahomes was unable to face the Packers and their iconic quarterback in 2019 due to a knee injury.

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stated he’d be back with the club in 2021, all eyes were on the three-time NFL MVP and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Week 9.

What seemed to be a Super Bowl preview featuring two of the game’s best quarterbacks will actually feature Mahomes and Jordan Love, the Packers’ first-round choice in 2020. After testing positive for COVID-19, Rodgers will miss the game, and his Kansas City adversary is furious.

Patrick Mahomes is displeased that he will not be facing Aaron Rodgers in Week 9.

Consider that the Packers opened as -2.5 road favorites against the Chiefs on Thursday, Oct. 28 if you needed any more proof of Rodgers’ overall worth. On Wednesday, Nov. 3, mere hours after the quarterback’s rumored positive test went public, the line increased to -7.5, according to Odds Shark.

Even though the Chiefs are suddenly favored and in a much better position to ultimately go back above.500, Mahomes isn’t happy with the new situation. According to ProFootballTalk, the 2018 NFL MVP expressed disappointment that he won’t be able to play against the future Hall of Famer on Sunday.

“You always want to compete against the greatest when you get to witness an all-time great like him play, and I’ve sort of observed his game for a long time, feeling like I play a similar style to him.” Hopefully, he’s in good health; the situation isn’t too severe. I’m certain he’ll emerge from it stronger than before.”

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes told reporters that he hadn’t reached out to Rodgers yet but planned to do so soon.

“COVID is a serious issue, and it can grab anybody,” Mahomes added. “Just hoping for him to get back to who he is.”

Mahomes’ knee injury prevented him from facing Rodgers in 2019.

The Chiefs’ two NFC opponents, including an intriguing home test against Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 21, would have come from the NFC East if not for the 17-game schedule. The NFL’s schedule managers determined that the 17th opponent, a cross-conference matchup, would include teams that competed in 2019 and finished in the same division in 2020.

The Packers beat the Chiefs 31-24 on Oct. 28, 2019, in layman’s words. A year later, both teams won their respective divisions. Sometimes it’s simply that straightforward.

That 2019 showdown, which took place at Arrowhead Stadium as well, featured the polar opposite of what we’ll witness on Sunday. Despite the fact that Rodgers played that night and tossed three touchdowns in the win, Mahomes was unable to participate due to a knee injury. Veteran backup Matt Moore more (ugh) than held his own, passing for 267 yards and two scores.

With the defeat, Kansas City slipped to 5-3. The rest of the NFL may have even more cause to despise Rodgers if the Chiefs only lost one more game on their way to beating Jimmy Garropolo and the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54.

Outside of a Super Bowl, the chances are stacked against Mahomes and Rodgers meeting up anytime soon.

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers have yet to meet in a major game | Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Packers and Chiefs will not meet again until 2023, unless the NFL scheduling structure undergoes an unforeseen and unprecedented alteration. Rodgers will be 39 or 40 years old (his birthday is Dec. 2), and he has exhibited no indications of aging or a genuine desire to retire.

The issue with forecasting the next Mahomes-Rodgers clash is Rodgers’ long-term future in Green Bay. Despite the fact that neither side has spoken on his position in recent months, it is expected that he will be available in some capacity next spring.

Rodgers will face Mahomes and the Chiefs twice a year if he ends up in the AFC and begins throwing touchdowns for the Denver Broncos. Let’s pretend the Packers legend ends up with the Washington Redskins. That would delay the two from meeting until 2023 (depending on the results of the 2022 season) or 2025.

Given how many times the football gods forced us to see the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, it’s about time they did the right thing for the ordinary guy. If you’re paying attention, a healthy Mahomes and Rodgers in Super Bowl 56 sounds like a dream come true.

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The “who said you can’t compete with me i want you to win too” is a quote from the movie, “You Always Want to Compete Against the Best”. The quote says that people always want to compete against the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is correct compete with or compete against?

A: The correct spelling of compete is with, while the incorrect spelling is against.

What does it mean when someone is always competing with you?

A: If someone is always competing with you, they are trying to do the same thing in a similar way. Whether it be in sports or an activity that requires coordination. This makes it hard for one person to accomplish because there is another person who also wants to win at the same time and will use any means necessary including cheating if possible

Why is competing with yourself good?

A: There are many benefits to competing with yourself, for example it gives you a simple goal of beating your previous personal best. It also allows you to see how much better of an athlete or performer that person is than the general population which can be beneficial in terms of self worth and confidence.

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